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The General, a Stratego clone, is a really absorbing and addictive board game (See all)

The General, a clone of Stratego, is a board game developed by Sean O'Connor.
As the original game, The General is extremely absorbing and addictive.
The objective consists in capturing the opponents’ flag before they manage to capture yours. Basically, the battle takes place in a 10 x 10 square board, where both players start with forty pieces, each of them representing a different military rank. The idea is to attack the opponent with these pieces and make your way up to where you think their flag may be hidden.
What differentiates The General, or Stratego, from other board games of the kind, is that players are completely unaware of the opponent piece arrangement until they start attacking each other. Then, our attention should be on the opponent moves to get a clue where the flag may be and plan a successful strategy to reach it. Chances of winning will depend on the tactic used to organize pieces, and on a well-planned strategy to attack. The game allows you to choose among more than sixty preset starting positions, and change the basic game rules to make a battle according to your level or taste.
As all of your concentration will be focused on the gameplay, you will hardly have time to grumble about the somewhat dull graphics, or the almost absence of sounds and music.
The General is the type of game that can keep you busy for long hours.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Entertaining and addictive


  • Rather dull graphics
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